Please use the "pages" on the right hand side to access data

Please use the "pages" on the right hand side to access data

All data posted on this site reflects responses recorded by Wednesday, April 4th.

Survey link remains open for new teachers to fill out and share information and thoughts.

Teacher Blogs

Here is a list of blogs/websites that teachers shared in the survey.  Be sure to check them out and subscribe to those who interest you!

This list is still under construction as I have time to look at each blog myself.  Also, I would love to better organize this page with brief descriptions of each blog.  If you would like to volunteer to participate and help out with this, please let me know!

If your blog is missing, please put your link in the comments!

Link to all blogs and websites is here!  


  1. This is mine for English (high school)

    Thanks for doing this Crystal. I'd be happy to help on the humanities side, since I've got a lot of those bookmarked! There are a few I know that aren't on your list.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I've enjoyed following you, by the way!
      I'll be updating all of these lists at the beginning of my summer break in 2-3 weeks, so I would love any more info or links you have. You can email them to me at crystal . kirch @ gmail . com if you want.